Christ has called us to be the light in our world.  Central has provided that light through a variety of partnerships: Chapman Partnership, Habitat for Humanity, D.O.O.R., SWAP, Children of Zimbabwe, and Miami Rescue Mission, to name a few.


    Members of the church life committee sponsor and organize events, programs and weekly opportunities to provide members with a meaningful and fulfilling experience. Existing programs include Coffee in the Courtyard, after service greeters, clear the clutter sales, providing lunch for new member classes (3 times a year) and active evangelistic efforts to publicize the church and foster growth. Although active Deacons serve as the after service greeters, anyone can participate in the events and volunteer to help with the committee.


    Congregational care is a paramount responsibility of all deacons. Each deacon is assigned a “flock” typically consisting of 12-15 member families. Deacons are encouraged to reach out to their flocks and communicate with them regarding upcoming church events. Additionally, this committee is responsible for sending out cards to members on behalf of the Deacons and organizing meals and/or transportation to members when needed. A member of this committee also manages the Deacon prayer chain. All “flock leaders” are active Deacons. Other church members are invited to help with meals and/or transportation when needed. Prayer Garden: Members of the prayer garden committee organize and support efforts to clean, beautify and raise funds for the continued enjoyment of the garden. Activities generally include organizing two semi-annual clean-up days, organizing fundraisers such as the sale and installation of memorial bricks, and coordinate with the property committee to ensure proper care and maintenance is provided.


    The Deacons’ pantry provides food boxes for 30 local families every month. In November a special Thanksgiving box is distributed to the 30 plus an additional 20 families. The boxes include food items either donated by members or purchased with donated funds and contributions from the Board of Deacons. Participation includes gathering boxes, shopping for food, packing boxes, making reminder calls, distributing the boxes on the 3rd Saturday of each month, updating list of participants and wait list, and general housekeeping of the pantry. Committee consists of Deacons and other church members.


    The Pumpkin Patch is a major outreach activity and mission fundraiser for Central Presbyterian Church and the Deacons. The first CPC patch was in 1997. Not only are all the Deacons needed to help but we have dozens of volunteers from the church and community. There are plenty of opportunities to help from unloading the trucks, set-up, selling, recruiting volunteers, to making phone calls. There is something for everyone’s skill set.

  • Creative Learning Center

    The Creative Learning Center is located on the grounds of
    Central Presbyterian Church

    12455 SW 104 Street, Miami, FL 33186

    AGES: 2 1/2 to 6 years
    OPEN: Monday to Friday,7 am to 6 pm

    (Currently registering students for 2021-2022 school year)

    Accredited Kindergarten Program with FL Dept. of Education

    High Performing VPK Provider Kindergarten Readiness Rate

    State of Florida Gold Seal Award Recipient

    NAEYC Accredited

    For more information, 

    visit us at

    or call 305-274-4006.