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General Policies

Central maintains a wedding calendar up to one year in advance, so we recommend that you book your wedding 6 to 12 months in advance of your desired date. Weddings may be held on most days, with the exceptions of Fridays, Sundays, New Year's Day, Holy Week, the week of VBS (early June), Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Central believes that a wedding is significant because it marks the beginning of a lasting marriage. We encourage you to contact our pastoral staff and participate in pre-marital counseling.

Central also believes that your wedding is a service of worship upon the occasion of your marriage. It is a service about thanking God and praying for His blessing on your marriage, you and your spouse and those that will support it thru its entirety.

The wedding ceremony will be conducted by one of our pastors. A guest pastor may co-officiate in the wedding ceremony upon approval of Central's pastor.

Please call Central's church office at 305-274-4007 or email us at miacpc@bellsouth.net to schedule an appointment with our pastor to tour our facilities and to learn more.