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Our Beliefs - Defining Worship Words

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Baptism-Identifies us as children of God because we are sharing the same experience as Jesus, God's son, who was also baptized. It is done with water, which represents the washing away of sin. Our usual form of baptism is by sprinkling, which represents the descent of the Holy Spririt. Many are baptized as infants, showing that even before we know who we are, we are God's.

Baptismal Font-Holds the water for baptisms, and by which baptisms physically take place.

Bible-The Book which contains the Word of God and which tells us about the things God has done for us.

Bread-One of the elements of Holy Communion. It is the element which represents Jesus' body.

Bulletin-The printed program which helps us follow the order of the worship.

Chalice-The cup used in Holy Communion, it holds the wine (grape juice).

Choir-The group of people who help lead the music of the service and who offer their voices as a form of worship.

Communion Table-The table at the front in the center, where the communion elements are placed. Also known as the Lord's Table.

Confession-To say something that is true. We confess that we are sinful. We also confess the creeds.

Creed-Short statement of belief, from the Latin "credo," which means "I believe."

Epistle-A reading from one of the letters written by Paul or others to the early church.

Forgiveness/Assurance-When the pastor reminds us that God has forgiven our sins.

Gospel-The Lesson read from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

Hymn-A song sung by the congregation.

Lectern-The stand from which the lessons are read.

Lectionary-A calendar of days to read certain Bible passages which match with the seasons of the church year and that also ensure that a variety of readings are preached during the year.

Lesson-A reading from the Bible.

Liturgist-A person who assists the pastor in worship.

Liturgy-The pattern our worship service follows; what we do in worship.

Minister-Someone who serves God by serving others, not just the pastor.

Narthex-The area where the congregation enters from outside before they come into the sanctuary.

Paraments-The cloths on the communion table, pulpit, and lectern which change colors with the church seasons.

Pastor-The person who leads a congregation in worship and the daily workings of the church.

Pew-The long benches we sit on in worship.

Prayer-Talking with and listening to God.

Pulpit-The large stand from which the lessons are read and the sermon delivered.

Sacrament-When God comes to us in Baptism of the Lord's Supper (Holy Communion).

Sanctuary-The big room where worship is usually held.

Sermon-A short talk given during the worship service which helps us understand the scriptures and how they apply to our lives.

Stole-The long colored cloth drapes over the shoulders of the pastor. Its color changes according to the season of the church year.

Usher-A person who helps people through the worship service passing out bulletins and taking up the offering.

Wine-(Grape juice is unfermented wine.) One of the elements of Holy Communion, representing Jesus' blood.

Worship-When the congregation gathers to hear God's word and celebrate God's presence.

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